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Bill O'Hanlon's Bibliography
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Book List

  1. Shifting Contexts: The Generation of Effective Psychotherapy. New York: Guilford Press (September 1987; out of print). Co-authored with James Wilk.

  2. Taproots: The Underlying Principles of Milton Erickson's Therapy and Hypnosis. New York: Norton (February 1987).

  3. In Search of Solutions: A New Direction in Psychotherapy. New York: Norton (January 1989). Co-authored with Michele Weiner-Davis.

  4. An Uncommon Casebook: The Complete Clinical Work of Milton H. Erickson analyzed and summarized. New York: Norton (October 1990). Co-authored with Angela Hexum [my stepdaughter].

  5. Rewriting Love Stories: Brief Marital Therapy. New York: Norton (February 1992). Co-authored with Patricia Hudson.

  6. Solution-Oriented Hypnosis: An Ericksonian Approach to Inner Healing. New York: Norton (October 1992). Co-authored with Michael Martin.

  7. A Brief Guide to Brief Therapy. New York: Norton (March 1993). Co-authored with Brian Cade.

  8. A Field Guide To Possibility-Land: A Possibility Therapy Manual. Omaha: Possibilities Press (July 1994). Co-authored with Sandy Beadle. Reissued as Guide to Possibility Land by W.W. Norton, January 1999.

  9.  Love is a Verb: Stop Analyzing Your Relationship and Start Making It Great! [Stop Blaming, Start Loving-paperback title] New York: Norton (February 1995). Co-authored with Pat Hudson.

  10. The Handout Book: Complete Workshop Handouts of Bill O’Hanlon, M.S. Omaha: Possibilities Press (Print version May 1996; reissue date March 2005, web-only PDF version, Santa Fe, Posssibilit-E Press).

  11. Even From a Broken Web: Brief and Respectful Solution-Oriented Therapy for Resolving Sexual Abuse. (April 1998, Wiley; paperback W. W. Norton, March 2002). Co-authored with Bob Bertolino.

  12. Solution-Oriented Therapy for Chronic and Severe Mental Illness. (December 1998, Wiley). Co-authored with Tim Rowan.

  13. Brief Couples Therapy Homework Planner. (December 1998, Wiley). Co-authored with Steffanie O’Hanlon and Gary Schultheis.

  14. Evolving Possibilities: Selected Papers of Bill O’Hanlon. (May 1999, Brunner/Mazel [Taylor and Francis]). Co-edited by Steffanie O’Hanlon and Bob Bertolino.

  15. Invitation to Possibility-Land: A Teaching Seminar with Bill O’Hanlon. (October 1998, Brunner/Mazel [Taylor and Francis]). Co-authored with Bob Bertolino.

  16. You Can’t Make Me!: Successfully Managing Strong-Willed, Oppositional and Defiant Children. (January 2001; paperback January 2002; mass market paperback, May, 2002, Signet Books). Co-authored with Ray Levy and Tyler Goode.

  17. Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life. (William Morrow and Company, October 1999; paperback, Quill, November 2000).

  18. Collaborative, Competency-Based Counseling and Therapy. (Allyn and Bacon, July 2001). Co-authored with Bob Bertolino.

  19. A Guide to Inclusive Therapy: 26 Techniques for Respectful, Resistance-Dissolving Therapy. (W.W. Norton, February 2003)

  20. A Lazy Man’s Guide to Success. (March 2003, Possibilit-E Press, web-only PDF book)

  21. Thriving Through Crisis: Turn Tragedy and Trauma Into Growth and Change. (Publication date: February 4, 2004, Penguin/Perigee; paperback release date: February 28, 2005)

  22. Dire Fare Cambiare: Guida Practica al Cambiamento in Terapia e Nella vVta Quotidiana (with Charlie John Fantechi); Italian only book; (FrancoAngeli, viale Monza 106, 20127 Milano, ITALY; published February 2005)

  23. Pathways to Spirituality: Connection, Wholeness, and Possibility for Therapist and Client (February 2006, W.W. Norton Professional Books).

  24. Change 101: A Practical Guide to Creating Change (in Life or Therapy). (manuscript completed ; Publication scheduled for Fall 2006, W.W. Norton Professional Books).

  25. 30 Possibilities for Expanding Your Practice Beyond the Clinical Office (January 2006, Possibilit-E Press, web-only PDF book)

  26. How to Write a Proposal and Sell Your Non-Fiction Book (April 2006, Possibilit-E Press, web-only PDF book)

  27. Becoming a Paid Speaker (July 2006, Possibilities-E Press, web-only PDF book)

  28. Write is A Verb: Sit Down. Start Writing. No Excuses. (July 2007, F&W/Writer’s Digest Books).

  29. A Guide to Trance-Land (2008; W.W. Norton Professional Books).

  30. A Guide to Rapidly Resolving Trauma (W.W. Norton Professional Books; 2010).

  31. The Therapist's Notebook on Positive Psychology (Routledge, 2011)

  32. A Friend in the Book Business: Writing and Publishing Tips from Bill O'Hanlon (PossiBillit-E Press, 2011)

  33. The Change Your Life Book (HCI, 2012)

  34. Becoming a Published Therapist (March, 2013, W. W. Norton)

  35. Out of the Blue: Six Non-Medication Ways to Relieve Depression (April 2014, W.W. Norton)

  36. Song Building: How to Write Better Songs Faster (December 2018, BookBaby). Co-Authored with Marty Dodson 

  37. The Songwriter's Guide to Mastering Co-Writing: Real Pros Sharing Real Techniques (March 2019, Songtown Press). Co-Authored with Marty Dodson and Clay Mills

  38. Song Building: Mastering Lyric Writing (September 2019, Songtown Press). Co-Authored with Marty Dodson

  39. Mastering Melody Writing: A Songwriter’s Guide to Hookier Songs With Pattern, Repetition, and Arc (July 2021, BookBaby). Co-Authored with Clay Mills

Journal Articles

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Articles or Chapters in Books

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