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Bill's Music & Songwriting

Bill's Resources for Other Songwriters

Bill has written/co-written over 1,000 songs and he has collaborated with other songwriters to offer these resources for those wanting to improve their own creative process. Bill maintains an additional website with extra information on his music that you can find here:

For those with interest in learning more about how to write better songs, Bill has a free download of a songwriting mini-course he has created. Just sign-up below

Recorded Songs by Bill on SoundCloud 

A lot on Bill's music is posted on his Facebook page, consider connecting with him there if you have interest.

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Connect with Bill on Facebook at

Songwriting Books Bill has Co-Written


Some of Bill's Songs & Interviews 

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Bill's Facebook page is also a good place to see about his latest releases

"Snowfall in the city"

Written by Paul deMarco, Lucy LeBlanc and Bill O’Hanlon (c) 2021

"How It Ends"

Bill O'Hanlon performing "How It Ends" at the 2019 Durango Songwriters Expo near Denver, Colorado.

Jammin in Jammies 

Bill is interviewed about songwriter by Megan Baker

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